Programs conducted in Sabine county were very diverse and in most instances based on program area committee requests. Agent conducted Fruit and Nut production clinics in Angelina, Nacogdoches, Shelby and Panola counties during the year. Beef & Forage programs were concerning marketing, herd health, calving problems, beef cattle nutrition, soil sampling, fertilization, improved forages, forage testing, feed costs, supplemental pastures, winter pastures and continuing education for private pesticide license holders during the year. Farm visits provided hands on instruction , insect and disease ID and control recommendations, while answering specific questions concerning beef and forage production by producers. The use of newsletters, news articles and articles placed on local web pages provided current information on specific concerns of producers. 4-H & Youth program efforts were in the livestock, horse, and show animals. School enrichment projects with White Tail Deer, gardening and entomology projects with grades 3 to 6 in local elementary schools. Animal nutrition, fitting and showing, project selection in goat, sheep, swine and cattle.